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Everything Flowers from Within
Everything Flowers from Within
Tapestry, natural dyes, wool, cotton, silk
34" x 42"

I wanted this tapestry to convey a sense of belonging, and warmth you get from a big hug from those you don't see to often. To me, wildflowers are symbolic of community. I used wool, silk and cotton to weave this tapestry and it's also dyed with plant dyes from my garden and neighborhood. I made this piece about an heirloom home in my extended family called Pop's place. My grandfather had a hand in building it as a teen, along with his siblings.

Handwoven tapestry using wool, cotton, and silk. Naturally dyed with coreopsis flowers, oak tannin foraged in Detroit, MI, fresh leaf indigo, cochineal insects (gathered from Oaxaca, MX), along with iron and copper minerals.