Exhibition CV

b. Cincinnati, OH
living in Detroit, MI

Exhibition List

2022 Materials: Hard + Soft, May 27 - August 27, Patterson-Appleton Arts Center, Denton, TX. Curated by Tanya Aguiñiga.
2022 The Gold Medal Show, May 5 - June 11, Padzieski Gallery, Dearborn, MI. Curated by Amanda Partridge Nordin.
2022 Gilda Snowden Memorial Exhibition, March 2 - April 15, Scarab Club, Detroit, MI. Curated by Michelle Perron.
2021 Stories from Nature, May 1 - July 31st, Hudgens Center for Art, Duluth, GA. Curated by Catherine Ellis.
2021 Hatchback 15, April 3 - April 24th, Hatch Art Gallery, Hamtramck, MI. Curated by Senghor Reid.
2020 Uncommon Threads, July 10 - August 29th, Scarab Club, Detroit, MI. Curated by Jeremy Noonan.
2019 Threaded, September 3 - November 8th, MCC Art Gallery, Mesa, AZ. Curated by Mark Newport and Maria-Elisa Heg.
2019 Hatchback 13, April 6 - 27th, Hatch Art Gallery, Hamtramck, MI. Curated by Melanie Chard.
2018 105th Gold Medal Exhibition, November 21 - January 5th, The Scarab Club, Detroit, MI. Curated by Dominique DeGery. Awarded Second Place.
2018 A Sense of Place, September 7 - October 12, Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art, Augusta, GA. Curated by Judy Onofrio. Received Honorable Mention Award.
2018 Under, May 23 - July 7, The Scarab Club, Detroit, MI. Curated by Jeanne Bieri. Received the Honorable Mention Award.
2018 Women Strong, January 26 - March 30, Ellen Kayrod Gallery, Detroit, MI.
2018 House Warming, January 12 - February 3, Whitdel Arts, Detroit, MI.
2017 104th Gold Medal Exhibition, November 15 - January 6, The Scarab Club, Detroit, MI. Curated by Dennis Nawrocki.
2017 Wax Stories 2, November 3 - January 6, Niza Knoll Gallery, Denver, CO. Curated by Patricia Aaron and Victoria Eubanks.
2017 Wax Poetic, October 1 - December 6, Fabulon, Charleston, SC. Curated by Susan Irish.
2017 Contemporary Encaustic, July 6 - August 27, Royal Contemporary, Florence, CO. Curated by Lauren Lipinski Eisen. Received the Silver Medal Award.
2017 Summer Open Mixed Media Exhibition, June 23 - August 18, Ellen Kayrod Gallery, Detroit, MI.
2017 Facilitators Exhibit, Open Studio Project, Evanston, IL.
2015 The Natural Dye Showcase, August 3 - September 5, Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA. Curated by Yoshiko I. Wada.
2012 The Art of Connection, December 10 - February 18, Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, IL
2011 The Social Body, Open Studio Project, Evanston, IL.

2022 Fiber Art Now, a contemporary fiber art magazine. Summer 2022, pp.72.
2021 Sparkman, S & Ridella, C. "Fire, fashion, energy." Clearline Zine, no.003, 2021, pp.86-89.
(Clearline Zine is a Detroit-based environmental and sustainable textile zine).

Lectures, Talks, and Panels
2022 Panelist, Material Pairings: Looking Beyond Dichotomy, ICCCIA, Berlin, DEU.

Art Fairs
2019 Winter Festival, January 18 - January 27, Michigan Central Station, Detroit, MI. Curated by Ford Motor Company.

2022 Praxis Fiber Workshop, Cleveland, OH.
-Two week Digital Weaving Lab (DWL) residency program that focused on combining my research with natural dyeing and on my digital weaving practice on a TC2 loom.
2016 The Mather Place, Evanston, IL.
-Four month residency encapsulating natural dye workshops and several community weaving projects.
2012 Burren College of Art, Ballyvaughn, County Clare, Ireland.
-Three month residency focusing on natural dye research and small tapestry weavings.
2009 Center for Visual Art, UKZN, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Graduate Thesis
2012 Urban Prairie Dye Project, Stephany Latham, Flaxman Library, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
-A written, and project based thesis exploring emotional associations of using natural dyes foraged throughout the city of Chicago, and how this material can be used to process memories in the context of art therapy.

MA, 2012, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
BA, 2009, Michigan State University, Lansing, MI